Whenever you search for prospect's email address, whether using our browser extension or uploading your own database, we give it a certain confidence score.

Confidence Score is Prospect.io's way to tell you which addresses are sure to exist, which are likely to be and which ones are most likely result in a bounce, instead of reaching the recipient's inbox.

The score of your prospect greatly depends on what we are able to find about them, and where do you perform the search.

We attribute the score in 2 steps:

Step 1:

We check if the prospect's email is mentioned somewhere on the website.

If the email address is mentioned, it will receive a 100% score and is safe to contact.

Step 2:

If we are not able to find the email address on the website, we will perform a series of checks to "guess" the right combination of first name, last name and the domain and check with their server.

Based on the server's response we are going to attribute the score from 0% for emails that don't exist to up to 95% when the server responds positively.

Please note, even though our score is a reliable way to know what is the quality of the email address, messages can still bounce as there are more possible reasons that might contribute (for example recipient's inbox is full and can't receive any more messages at the moment).

Our default Confidence Score is 66% as it provides a reliable quality for your campaigns.

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