verifies the validity of all email addresses in real-time when you:

What does "verified" mean?

The purpose of verifying an email is to determine how likely it is to bounce or not from the receiving server.

A bounced email is an email that gets returned to the sender because it cannot be delivered for some reason.

For prospects, this is often because the email address doesn't exist: it is thus invalid. It can also bounce because the recipient's mailbox is full, the mail server is temporarily unavailable, or the recipient email account doesn't exist anymore.

Our email verification system attributes a confidence score to every email address. You can choose to set a confidence score between 5% and 100%.

Verification Level from 5% to 33%: email addresses are not verified. All emails found/imported are included in your prospects list. Send messages to these addresses at your own risk. 

Verification Level from 33% to 66%: emails are verified and uploaded to your list only if: 

  • They are primarily detected as valid. 

  • The verification process wasn't completed. This is what we call an unknown status. We cannot verify the validity of the address for some reason. Most of the time the domain didn't respond quickly enough.

  • The server is set to receive all emails sent to a specific domain. This is a process called accept-all. It means that the domain that is set that way will accept any email it is sent, without making any email sent to a possibly invalid email address bounce back. The deliverability is treated internally with a firewall or a spam filtering tool that may simply remove the message or send a bounce message at a later time. It is thus impossible to be one hundred percent sure of the validity of an address in that case. 

Level verification higher than 66%: emails are verified and uploaded only if they are confirmed as valid. In that case, we are almost certain that these emails represent a real account/inbox available at the given domain. These addresses are safe to mail.  

How can I modify the minimum confidence score for my company?

The default minimum confidence score is 66%. Your company admin has access to update it in Settings > Email Finder & Verifier.

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