In, by default, a prospect is Active

An active prospect is available to be contacted, to be added to a list, to be enrolled in an automation, etc.

If you don't want to contact a prospect anymore, and don't want to see them in your list, you can archive them.

View archived prospects

When a prospect is archived, you won't see them on the Prospects screen anymore. You can display archived prospects by switching to the Archived prospects on the top of the screen:

How to archive a prospect

Individually, from the prospect's panel

In bulk from the Prospects page

  1. Select the needed prospects and click Manage prospects.
  2. Click Archive.

Difference between Archived and Deleted

You can also choose to delete a prospect. The main difference is that if you delete a prospect, they will completely disappear from your account and you'll lose all associated data (emails, replies, etc.).

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