If you already have a list of prospects, you can import them in your Prospect.io account. You'll need to use the CSV file format.

Please follow these steps:

  1. From the prospect listing click on the Import button.
  2. Choose a CSV file to upload from your computer.

Mapping the fields

In the mapping section, select a field for each column of your CSV file. Fields that are not matched will not be imported. Make sure you map at least the email field as this field is mandatory.

Option: What should we do with existing prospects?

What if an imported prospect is already present in your account? 


That's the default option. If we find a prospect with the same email address in your account we'll skip the line in your CSV file. It means the existing prospect's data will remain unchanged.


With this option, if we find a prospect with the same email address in your account we'll update all the fields that have been mapped in the previous step.

If a field is empty in your CSV file but not in Prospect.io, we won't update it to blank. We'll keep the existing data.

Option: Find Missing Emails

Select this option to use our Email Finder if a line doesn't include an email address.

More info here: Finding emails with import

Option: Verify Your Emails

This option allows you to verify the validity of the imported email addresses. Each verification – whatever the result – costs 1 credit.

Note: Email addresses found by Prospect.io using the Email Finder are always verified for free.

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