lets you filter and segment important groups of prospects, so you can send them targeted emails. For example, you can look for prospects whose job title contains the word "representative", whose country is "United States of America", who are in any automation and have been marked as qualified.

What is a segment?

A segment is a group of your prospects defined by rules (or filters) that you set. Segments are dynamic – prospects are automatically added to the segment once they are updated to match those rules.

We recommend creating a segment for every key group of prospects you'd like to target.

Create a segment

Use filters to identify groups 

To create a segment, first, you need to select the filters above your prospects page. For example, if you want to create a segment of prospects living in the US, just filter for “Country is United States of America".

Then click Save segment and give your segment a name (something easy to remember, like 'US Prospects'). Your new segment will appear to the left of your prospects list.

Different categories of filters

  • Lists
    This allows you to match prospects against a certain list.
  • Prospect information
    Those are the personal details of your prospects.
  • Tracking
    You can filter your prospects according to their level of interaction with you.
  • Custom Fields
    Filter prospects based on the info from the Custom Fields.
  • Automations
    Find prospects who have been in an automation or are currently receiving emails.

Create flexible segments with "Match ALL filters" or "Match ANY filters"

You can choose whether the prospects need to match all of the filters you selected, or at least one of them.

  • Match ALL filters: the equivalent of an AND query. With this option, you'll see only the prospects who match all of the selected filters at the same time.
  • Match ANY filters: the equivalent of an OR query. The prospects are shown if they match at least one of the filters that you selected.

For example: you can use this to create a segment including all your European prospects. You'll have to add a "Country is XXX" filter for each European country and choose the Match ANY filters option.


You can add lists and segments to the Favorites menu, which is shown above your other segments and lists, to have quick access to them.

To do so, just click on the actions button (three dots) of the needed segment > Add to Favorites.

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