When you add prospects to a campaign you can choose to start sending the first step  later. Unfortunately, there is no straightforward way to change this schedule after adding the prospects to the campaign.


There is a workaround you can use to change the scheduling:

Move scheduled prospect to a temporary list

  1. Create a new list (choose a distinctive name)
  2. Navigate to the Prospects screen
  3. Select the following filters:
    Campaign > is > [Your Campaign]
    Campaign status > is > Scheduled
  4. Click on the Manage xxx prospects button
  5. Select Move to list from the list of actions
  6. Select the list you created on step 1

Remove prospects from the campaign

  1. Open your campaign
  2. Select all the prospects (use the filters and filter on the list you previously created)
  3. Click on the Remove xxx prospect from the campaign button

Add prospects again in the campaign

And finally, add the prospects again in your campaign and define a new schedule.

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