Pipedrive is a CRM that allows you to build and manage sales funnels.

The Pipedrive integration is a native 1-way integration. You can choose to create a new deal in Pipedrive based on events happening in Prospect.io.

You can connect your Pipedrive account from Settings > Integrations > Applications.

Once the app is connected, you can create a workflow. The workflow contains 3 steps:

1. Choose a trigger: You can choose when you want to create a new deal. For example, you can ask Prospect.io to create new deals when a prospect replies or when you create a prospect.

2. Define a segment: Then you can define if the workflow should be applied to all prospects or to some prospects only (a segment).

3. Choose a destination: Using a trigger, workflows automatically complete an action in a destination app. You can choose in which pipeline and stage you want to create the deal.

If the deal is already present in your Pipedrive account we won't do anything.

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