Pipedrive is a CRM that allows you to funnel leads to sales processes.

The Pipedrive integration is a native one way integration. You can choose to create a new deal in Pipedrive based on events happening in Prospect.io.

You can connect your app here:


Once the app is connected, you can create a workflow. The workflow contains 3 steps

1. Choose a trigger: You can choose when you want to create a new deal. For example, you can ask Prospect.io to create new deals when a prospect replies or when you create a prospect.

2. Define a segment: Then you can define if the workflow should be applied to all prospects ot to some prospects.

3. Choose a destination: Using a trigger, workflows automatically complete an action in a destination app. You can choose where you want to create the deal.

If the deal is already present in your Pipedrive account we don't do anything.

Copy Emails

You can choose to copy all emails in your Pipedrive account.

We use the Bcc email address associated with the deal in Pipedrive to send a copy of the sent emails (not the replies). The emails are sent using your Prospect.io sending address.

You may need to add a Alternative email address in Pipedrive. You can do that in Pipedrive in Settings -> Email integration -> Alternative email addresses.

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