Pipedrive is a CRM that allows you to build and manage sales funnels.

The Pipedrive integration is a native 1-way integration. You can create a new person, an organization, or a deal in Pipedrive based on events happening in Prospect.io.

You can connect your Pipedrive account from Settings > Integrations.

Once the app is connected, you can create a new workflow for the Pipedrive integration, or add the Pipedrive step to any existing workflow in your account.

  1. Navigate to the Workflows page and create a new Workflow or open an existing one.

  2. For a new workflow, configure the Enrollment Strategy:
    - Set the triggers to choose how and when you want to create a new person, an organization, or a deal.
    - Set filters to select whether the workflow should be applied to all prospects or to some specific prospects only.
    Find more details on how to add prospects to the workflow.

  3. Add a Pipedrive step to create a person and/or an organization, and you can also choose where you want to create the deal.

If the deal is already present in your Pipedrive account we won't do anything.

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