The Salesforce integration allows you to keep prospects, leads, and contacts up-to-date. You can connect your Salesforce account from the Store.

Once the app is connected, you have 2 options: 

  • 1-way integration ( > Salesforce): set up an automation flow to create a new lead or contact in your Salesforce account. Read more details below.
  • 2-way integration ( < > Salesforce): enable the bi-directional sync to create records and update info both ways.

1-way integration

You can create a new automation for the Salesforce integration, or add the Salesforce step to any existing automation in your account.

  1. Navigate to the Automations tab and create a new Automation or open an existing one.
  2. For a new automation flow, configure the Enrollment Strategy:
    - Set the triggers to choose how and when you want to create a new lead or contact.
    - Set filters to select whether the automation should be applied to all prospects or to some specific prospects only.
    Find more details on how to add prospects to the automation here.
  3. Add a Salesforce step and choose whether you want to create a Lead or a Contact.

If the lead or contact is already present in your Salesforce account, nothing happens.

2-way integration

Read our article dedicated to the bi-directional sync and understand how to create records and update info both ways.

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