By default, prospects exit a workflow when they received all steps. You can also remove them manually or set the exit rules to automatically disenroll them from a workflow.

Remove prospects from workflow manually

From the prospect's page individually

To remove a prospect from a workflow, open the prospect's page and click the Disenroll button.

From the list view in bulk

  1. Navigate to the Prospects or Lists page and select the needed prospects.

  2. Click Manage prospects > Disenroll from workflow.

  3. Choose the needed workflow from the drop-down list.

  4. Click Disenroll.

Remove prospects from workflow automatically

Prospects will be automatically removed from the workflow when they match any of the exit rules.

To set the exit rules, open the workflow's settings tab and choose the needed ones from the drop-down under the Exit strategy.

You can remove prospects when they:

  1. Click a link in an email
    The workflow ends for this prospect when they click on any link included in any email in the workflow.

  2. Reply to an email
    The workflow ends for this prospect when they reply to any of the emails in any workflow.

  3. Are qualified
    The workflow ends for this prospect when you mark them as qualified. Qualifying a prospect can only be done manually.

  4. Are converted
    The workflow ends for this prospect when your prospect completes a certain action on your website/landing page. You can track those actions with a tracking pixel by using the code located in the Tracking settings. You can also manually mark a prospect as converted from their individual panel (which you can access by clicking on their name in the list).

  5. Hard bounce
    If the prospect's email hard bounces, the workflow will end for them. You can then choose to re-add the prospect after modifying their email address.

  6. Don't match enrollment conditions anymore
    This applies when you have the automatic enrollment enabled. If a prospect that is currently in the workflow doesn't match the entry rules anymore, they will be removed from the workflow.

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