You can define when you want prospects to exit your campaign. By default, prospects exit the campaign when they reply to one of your emails. This is the most common set up for cold emailing.

You can also choose to remove prospects from the campaign when they:

  1. Click a link
    The campaign ends when the prospect clicks on any link included in any email of the campaign.
  2. Reply
    The campaign ends when the prospect replies to any of the emails in the campaign or in any other campaign.
  3. Convert
    The campaign ends when your prospect completes a certain action on your website/landing page. You can track those actions with a tracking pixel by using the code located in your Company Settings. You can also manually mark a prospect as converted from their individual panel (which you can access by clicking on their name in the list).
  4. Qualify
    The campaign ends when you mark the prospect as qualified. Qualifying a prospect can only be done manually.
  5. Bounce
    This setting cannot be unchecked. If the prospect's email bounces (soft or hard) the campaign will automatically end. You can then choose to re-add the prospect after modifying their email address.
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