The good way to do sales prospecting and outbound sales at scale is always to test and iterate.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) allows you to measure up to 5 different metrics:

Reports gives you 2 different kind of reports to track your success:

  1. Overall reporting: an overall view of your prospecting activities, for all your account and for all your campaigns.
  2. Automation performances: used to understand how a specific automation performs.

Overall reporting

All your account results and metrics can be seen in the Reports section divided into 2 tabs:

Account activity

The Account Activity tab gives you an overview of your team activity in

It's a global view of everything happening in your account. Results can be filtered by user and by timeframe.

Automations stats

The Automations tab allows you to see the results of your campaigns and to do step-by-step comparisons between up to 5 automations. 

Automations performances

The Performances tab, available when you open an automation, gives you the statistics of the automation.

See how each step of the automation performs in terms of opens, clicks, replies, conversions, and qualifications.

We also let you know how you're doing compared to other companies in your industry or other companies with the same size as yours.

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