If you have been doing some tests and see that opens are not tracked, you might wonder why. But before answering this question, you have to understand how open tracking is done.

When you send an email with Prospect.io, we add a tiny white image with a unique URL at the bottom of the email. When you email client (Gmail, Outlook, Thunderbird,...) opens the email, the *usually* want to display this image. In order to do that, they call our server on the unique URL provided. We are then able to record that the image as been requested and then, the email has been opened.

The thing is that, in order to protect privacy, some email clients are not displaying images automatically. They usually display a message asking if you want to display images or not. If you or a prospect does not click "display images" we will not be able to track that the message has been opened.

How to see opens tracked when I test?

There are two options:

  • Ensure images are allowed in your email client (Gmail, Outlook, Thunderbird,...)
  • Use another email client that automatically load images

How to ensure all my prospects' opens are tracked?

Unfortunately, there is no way to track 100% of opens accurately since it depends on the email client configuration (on the prospect's device).

Open rates allow you to compare results of your campaigns steps and see that a step has been opened more the other one.

However, you can increase the chances that the email client display images automatically by setting up your own tracking domain.

How come the open is tracked when I click on a link/reply to the email?

When any other kind of activity is tracked with the email, we consider that the email has been opened -- indeed, if you click on a link, you have to open the email before -- and we add an "email opened" event to the prospect timeline even if we haven't tracked it the way I describe above.

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