1. What are template variables?

Template variables are small (and pre-set!) pieces of code you can use in order to call personal data about your prospect, in order to personalize your email campaigns while optimizing your time and energy.

The data you input under a certain field when creating or importing a new prospect can be called by inserting the field in question in the email.

It looks something like this:

Subject: Need any help with sales automation?

Dear ##{{prospect_firstname}},

My name is ##{{user_firstname}} and I work as Customer Success Rep at Prospect.io, where we help businesses streamline their sales and prospecting processes.

Do you guys at ##{{prospect_company_name}} struggle with sales automation? If yes, I could share a few ideas with you.

When would you be available for a quick call?

Kind regards,


2. What kind of data can I use?

Fields calling data like the First name, Last name, Job title, Company, Title, Phone, Country and Industry are pre-set but you can set custom fields, whether it be in the manual prospect input or on import.

Manual input:

Import field mapping:

When using the Chrome extension, there's only a few pieces of data that are publicly accessible. In general, it's nearly impossible to find out more than the first name, last name, email address and job title. Most of the time, only the former three are displayed.

But it's okay, you can always add data to your prospects by accessing the Prospects panel and clicking on their name to get to their personal page, where you can edit the data.

3. How do I insert template variables?

When writing content for a campaign, just click on the data you wish to insert in the right column.

Note: You can set default values in case you're missing some information.

For example, if you're missing the first name of your prospect, instead of just saying "Hi!", you can set the message to say "Hi there!" by using the following code:

Hi ##{{prospect_firstname | default: 'there'}}!

If you're missing the name of their company, just do this:

##{{prospect_company_name | default: 'Your company'}}

Got it?

> add template > add field in email >

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