Configure the CNAME (Canonical Name) to allow us to use your own domain for click and open tracking. This needs to be done to improve your email deliverability and to increase the sending limit.

In a nutshell: you create an alias for your domain that makes the links in your emails point to your own domain, instead of

Read more about the CNAME and why it is important here.

How to configure the CNAME?

Note: to configure the CNAME you need to have access to your DNS settings and the process depends on your DNS host.

Here are instructions for Godaddy and Cloudflare.

For all other DNS follow the instructions on this page.

  • Enter the domain with a subdomain (prefix) in Step 1.
    Usually, the format is click.[your company domain].com
    Do not use www as your prefix.
  • Add the tracking link from Step 2 to your DNS settings.
  • When the CNAME is set in the DNS settings, click Verify and Save Tracking Domain button.

Note: for most DNS hosts the Host Name is "click", and the Points to is the link copied from Step 2: "".

Note: For some hosts, you will need to add a dot at the end of the "Points to" link.
Please, check your DNS host's documentation on CNAME.

If you are having trouble with this, please check in with your network administrator or contact us at

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