In case you're wondering how we manage to find email addresses in the blink of an eye, here is our method. We use a combination of these two techniques:

  1. Collect publicly available emails online.
  2. Guess email addresses using algorithms.

Collect publicly available emails online

We use web crawlers that collect publicly available emails online. This can be on blog posts, comments, forums, company websites, etc.

We also extract email addresses from the source code of the page you are visiting when you use the extension.

All these email addresses are publicly available, we store them in our database and then we can send them to you.

Guess email addresses using algorithms

We cannot tell you exactly how we guess email addresses but simply remember that we also collect things like company patterns (ex:

Then, using algorithms we can generate emails using this pattern. 

When we guess an email address we provide you with a confidence score which ranges from 0 to 100.

If we don't manage to find an email address, it usually means that:

  • We don't have this email in our database (we didn't find this email publicly online).
  • We generated the email address using the company pattern but after testing it, the confident score was too low.
  • We couldn't identify the the company pattern.
  • If all these failed, there is nothing we can do :(

We do everything we can to continuously improve and update our system and our databases but finding (valid) emails can be arduous as people frequently switch jobs and companies.

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