What is A/B testing?

A/B testing is method that consists in running two separate tests, all parameters -but one- being equal and see what works best.

The golden rule of A/B testing: only tweak ONE element at a time. It may seem obvious but if you go ahead and modify more than one feature of -in this case- your email, it’ll be impossible to identify what caused the increase (or the drop) in opens, click-throughs…

Know your KPI’s!

There are traditionally three ways to measure the success of email campaign:

  1. Open rate: Do prospects open my emails?
    The math: Total emails opened/Total emails sent * 100

  2. Click-through rate: Do prospects click my links?
    The math: Total links clicked/Total emails opened * 100

or Total links clicked/Total emails opened * 100

3. Reply rate: Do prospects reply to my emails?
The math: Total emails answered/Total emails sent * 100

or Total emails answered/Total emails opened * 100

For the last two metrics, make sure you always use the same denominator.

Test and then invest

Before launching a large scale campaign, you might want to test it on a sample of your target in order to maximize its effect and optimize your budget.

Want to know more? Read our super simple and actionable A/B testing guide!

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