We get asked regularly about unsubscribe links but we intentionally decided not to include it in our product.

There are 2 reasons behind this choice:

  1. Every email you send with Prospect.io is a personal email sent from your personal mailbox. Prospect.io simply automates this process. You wouldn't put an unsubscribe link in a personal email. Prospect.io is not an email marketing service and nowadays, cold marketing emails are the definition of spam.
  2. It would signal to your prospects that you're reaching out through an automated solution. Usually, this dramatically affects response rates. 

In short, adding an unsubscribe link to a sales prospecting email would simply not be relevant.

From a legal stand point

You must always allow your prospect to opt out but it doesn’t need to be through a link. It needs to be clearly stated and if your prospect asks not to be emailed again, you need to comply. The best way to do that is by archiving the prospect on Prospect.io.

Alternatives to unsubscribe links

Post-Scriptum (PS) in your signature

We recommend you adding a PS to your signature or a friendly mention in the content of your emails, inviting anyone not interested and wanting to be left alone to let you know about it.

Remove prospect from campaigns on reply

Prospect.io will automatically stop campaigns for prospects who reply (if you use this setting); you just have to archive the ones who ask to be unsubscribed in order to ensure they are never contacted again.

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