A bounce event will be recorded by Prospect.io when an email cannot be delivered. Emails can bounce for various reasons. Depending on whether or not this bounce is expected to be permanent, we speak of a hard or soft bounce.

Why bounces are important?

A high bounce rate is bad for your domain name's reputation. A bad reputation means you'll get blocked by Email Service Providers (ESPs) and your emails will end up in your prospects' SPAM folder. It's important to keep your bounce rate as low as possible.

Hard bounce

A hard bounce can happen, for instance, when the prospect's email address is invalid. The hard bounce is due to a permanent failure.

Soft bounce

A soft bounce occurs when the recipient's mailbox is full or the mail server is temporarily unavailable.

Automatically archive prospect on hard bounce

You can choose to automatically archive the prospect when an email hard bounces:

  1. Navigate to the Bounces & Automatic Replies settings page
  2. Activate the Automatically archive prospect on hard bounce option

Automatically remove bounced prospects from automations

You can add an exit rule to your automation to automatically remove prospects from the flow if an email to them bounced.

  1. Open the automations settings tab
  2. Add the Message bounced option to the Exit strategy.

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