Note: sometimes a temporary bug may be involved at or on your SMTP server. The first thing to do is to wait a few minutes and try again. Most of the time this is enough to fix the issue.

Error when trying to connect a new address

If you get an error when trying to connect your own SMTP/IMAP server, please check all the settings, including your credentials. 

If you are still struggling we recommend asking your technical team to help you with finding the right settings.

Error with an already connected address

When an error occurs with your SMTP/IMAP address we send you a notification email.

The possibilities for this are:

  1. Your credentials are expired or have been modified
  2. A rare but possible occurrence is that we have disconnected your email address because of a high number of bounces in order to protect your domain from being blacklisted. Therefore, you might want to take actions (set up your CNAME for tracking for example) before reconnecting your email address.

If you're still stuck after following these steps

Please write to our support team (, describe your issue in details and provide us with a test email address (with credentials) so we can test it without needing your personal credentials.

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