Custom fields allow you to store and organize additional information on your prospects, organizations, and deals. They are also available when filtering and segmenting prospects and organizations.

The data stored in custom fields can be inserted into workflow emails using template variables.

Adding a new custom field

  • Click on the Add Custom Field button

  • Choose a name for your custom field

  • Select the type of field you wish to add based on the information you'd like to store

  • Provide a helper text, this text will appear as additional information alongside your field's title

  • Click on the Save button¬†

Once saved, your custom field will be available everywhere in the app:

  • In the prospect, organization, or deal panel

  • In the filters

  • In the listings

  • In the exports

  • In the imports

  • In the template variables, etc.

Manage existing custom fields

If you want to delete or edit your custom fields, navigate to Settings > Custom Fields and click the Actions button.

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