Field mapping allows you to define how data matches between and the integrated app (Salesforce, Hubspot, Close, etc.).

Some fields, such as a prospect's email, their first and last name, are set to the corresponding field in the integrated app by default. However, all other prospect fields can be matched to the relevant field of your choice.

Customizing the Field Mapping

  1. Head to the store and choose the needed CRM integration
  2. Go to the Field Mapping tab
  3. Map the fields according to your preferences
  4. Save your settings

Record Types

To switch between the field mapping for different record types (Leads and Contacts in Salesforce, or Contacts and Deals in Hubspot, etc.) select the needed option from the drop-down.

Be careful when assigning fields to one another. Matching fields should be of the same type in and the integrated app: a date field should match a date field, a text field should be matched to a text field, etc.

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