The Review Queue step is a safety measure that doesn’t let the prospects to proceed to the next step of the Workflow. It holds the prospects in a queue for you to manually review and approve them.

We recommend using it in the new Workflows to make sure that the flow is configured correctly and the prospects are going to receive the correct email, etc.

Pending Reviews

To see the list of prospects that are in the queue, click on the Pending Reviews button.

Approve prospects

To let a prospect proceed to the next step, click on the actions button and Move to next step.

To approve multiple prospects at once, select the needed prospects, and click Manage prospects > Move to next step.

Edit prospects

In case you need to make some changes to the prospects' info before they proceed to the next step, you can do it from the Review Queue. Select the needed prospects and click Manage prospects > Edit in bulk. This option works exactly like the standard Bulk Edit.

Remove prospects

If after the review you decide to remove some prospects from the workflow, you just need to select them and click Manage prospects > Disenroll from this workflow.

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