Tasks are an easy way to increase your sales team productivity. A Task is a to-do item that is assigned to your team member and is displayed on the app dashboard (Upcoming Tasks) and in the Tasks tab. It can be an email, a call, or a specific action. You can create a task manually from the Tasks tab or automatically as a step of an Automation.

Tasks in Automations

You can set a Task to be created automatically as a certain step of your Automation. This will save your time and help to manage follow-up activities, like calls, or check-ins in social media, etc. From now on you’ll never miss a step in your flow and take all the necessary actions on time.

How to create a Task step in an Automation

Click on a plus sign to add a new step and select Add task.

Then fill in the needed fields:

  • specify the Task activity: Action, Call, or Email;
  • add a title and description of the Task;
  • assign it to the prospect's responsible or to any other team member;
  • select when the Task should be due on.

Note: if you want the prospect to hold on this step until the task is completed, check this option.

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