If for some reason our system cannot process a step of a workflow for a prospect (e.g. send an email), we put such prospects in error in that step.

Why is a prospect in error?

For each prospect in error, we add a note that explains the reason why the error occurred. Click on the "prospects in error" button to see the list of those prospects and the error messages.

Error types and how to troubleshoot them

1. Sending address has been disconnected

Description: Email can't be sent because the sending address, which was initially selected as the sender in this workflow, has been removed from the account.

How to fix: Select another sender in the workflow Settings tab and then follow this instruction.

2. Sending address has been put in error

Description: Email can't be sent because the sending address, which was selected as the sender in this workflow, is in error.

How to fix: Reconnect the sending address in Settings > Emails.

3. Owner has no sending address

Description: Email can't be sent because there is no sender in this workflow, or the owner has no sending address connected.

How to fix: Make sure that a sender is selected in the workflow Settings tab. If the "Prospect's owner" option is chosen, make sure that all users have connected a sending address.

4. Prospect has no email address

Description: Email can't be sent because the prospect has no email address = no recipient.

How to fix: Add an email address. You can use the email finder to search for the email address.

5. No credits left

Description: Your account is on one of our old pricing plans and you run out of credits to send emails.

How to fix: Renew or upgrade your subscription to get new credits. Or contact our support team to switch to a new pricing plan.

6. Sending failed

Description: Sending failed due to a technical reason.

How to fix: Contact our support team for more info.

7. Email has already bounced before

Description: An email to this prospect has hard bounced before (read more info about bounces).

How to fix: We will not send emails to an email address that has hard bounced. You need to either edit the email address of the prospect or disenroll them from your workflow.

8. Owner has no phone number

Description: SMS notification could not be sent as the user (recipient) has no phone number in their profile.

How to fix: Add a valid phone number in the Profile settings.

9. Action failed. Check integration logs

Description: An error occurred in the integration.

How to fix: Navigate to Settings > Integrations and open the Logs tab of the corresponding app to see the details of the error. Contact our support if you need more info.

10. The integration has been deleted.

Description: The app was uninstalled.

How to fix: Reinstall the app in the Settings > Integrations.

11. The integration has been disconnected.

Description: The integration has been disconnected due to an error.

How to fix: Reconnect the integration in the Settings > Integrations. You may check the Logs tab of the app to see more details.

Feel free to contact our support team if you need any help with the troubleshooting.

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