allows you to merge multiple organizations into one, in order to avoid duplicates. In such a case, the data is combined in one organization, and the extra organizations are deleted.

Note: we never create duplicate prospects, as the prospects are identified by their email addresses. If a prospect with this email address already exists, you can't create it for the second time, you can only update the existing one.

How to merge organizations?

  1. On the Organizations page select the needed organizations.

  2. Click Manage organizations > Merge organizations.

  3. Select the primary organization and click Merge.

What happens to the data?

Information fields

When merging organizations, all the data from all the information fields is combined.

In case of conflicts (different data in the same information field), the primary organization's data is in priority.


After merging, prospects from all the organizations that you merge will be grouped in one organization.


Notes of the primary organization remain intact. Notes of the other organizations are added to the primary one.


The tasks of the primary organization remain intact. Task of the other organizations are re-assigned to the primary one.

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